Aditya Construction Company

Aditya Construction Company:

Aditya Constructions entered Hyderabad Real Estate Sector in the Year 2002 and has been creating landmark projects year after year. With a clear-cut vision, Aditya Constructions Company captured the market of Luxury Housing in the Twin Cities in a limited time span and had won accolades from the Real Estate Veterans and Industry Leaders. Aditya Constructions has developed almost 6.6 Million Sft till date and almost 4 Million Sft is nearing Completion. Aditya Constructions Company has almost 20 completed projects in the Capital of Telangana and 3 of the esteemed projects are under different phases of Construction. Moreover, Aditya has also developed a couple of Beautiful projects in the City of Destiny, Visakhapatnam. We are also pleased to announce an apartment project in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh and the New Capital of the New Andhra Pradesh State, Amaravati.

We won several prestigious awards in the last two years including:

  1. “Best Brand in Realty – 2015” from Times Group
  2. “Best Luxury Apartment Project of the Year – 2015” for our Project Aditya Empress Towers from Silicon India during Silicon India Real Estate Awards.
  3. “Best Luxury Villa Project of the Year – 2015” for our Aditya Villa Grande Project during Silicon India Real Estate Awards.

55 reviews

  1. Thank you for your vision and commitment

    I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone at Aditya striven to deliver the project. I appreciate the persistence shown by your company without compromising on quality to make this project a luxurious remarkable prestigious landmark for generations to talk about. Thank you for your vision and commitment. Special thanks to the CRM Team which relentlessly stayed on top and is very kind all the way through! Keep up the good work! I wish you all the very best.

  2. Aditya Constructions offer flats at affordable prices at prime locations

    We loved this project for its strategic location and the kind of amenities that were offered. No doubt this is a Premium Project in the entire city and we are glad to be a part of the Owners Group. Thanks to Aditya for the Support.

  3. Good

    I thank Aditya for providing good home with beautiful elevation. CRM Team has done an excellent job in communicating with us for easy transactions.

  4. Elevation of the Project and the appearance is a big asset

    I am very happy to get my registration of the Apartment. I am getting ready for House Warming Function. We are Looking forward to live in the Aditya Imperial Heights Project very soon.

  5. Very good construction quality and good elevation

    I got a very good feedback on Aditya Construction Company and then I purchased a flat in Aditya Imperial Heights. I am happy today after completing the Registration Process.

  6. Aditya Imperial Heights is a very nice project with an Ideal Location

    Aditya Imperial Heights is a very nice project with an Ideal Location. The Project is well planned with several amenities. It is a value for money and I hope for a peaceful living.

  7. Good Construction Quality

    I really liked Aditya Imperial Heights and I am happy to get the Registration done. I am happy about the quality of materials used in the project. Amenities provided such as Dual Car Parking, Club House etc are noteworthy. I also feel that we got a 3 Bedroom flat for a reasonable price in the heart of the city compared to the prices of non gated communities in other areas.

  8. Construction Quality and Elevation are very good

    Construction Quality and Elevation are very good. Price of the Flat is reasonable and we received a very good appreciation. Location of the Project is very good and is easily accessible.

  9. I am satisfied with the quality of construction

    I am very satisfied with the quality of the work. The community seems to be very good. I will be occupying the flat in the next few weeks and the community seems to be very good. Aditya Employees have been cooperative all the time and were available whenever needed.

  10. The Quality of materials used inside the flats and the common area is very good

    I am satisfied with the quality of construction and prompt assistance from the staff of Aditya. Overall, the project has come up in a good shape. The Quality of materials used inside the flats and the common area is very good. The CRM Team really helped us a lot in the process even though I reside out of station.

  11. Very Good Construction Quality

    I am very happy to be a part of Aditya Family. The Project is in a very good location and the Quality is very good. Pre- EMI Offer helped us a lot.

  12. I wish Aditya all the very best for its Future Projects

    We brought this Flat in 2007 and have been staying here since then. The construction quality is very good and the materials used in the project are excellent. I wish Aditya all the very best for its Future Projects.

  13. Aditya Construction Company always best

    I’ve purchased a Flat in Aditya Hill Paradise and have been staying there for the past 7 years now. As an architect, I feel Aditya Elevations to be far superior to other builders in Hyderabad. I would also recommend my friends and family members to purchase their dream home in Aditya Construction Company. All the best Aditya!

  14. Good credentials of Aditya and their track record

    I booked the flat in Aditya Imperial Heights as it was located in a place suitable for our family and because of the good credentials of Aditya and their track record of the successfully completed projects.

  15. We are happy to be associated with Aditya

    We are happy to be associated with Aditya. Aditya was able to overcome all the hurdles and completed the process successfully. I personally appreciate the CRM Team, which helped us to complete the registration process easily and supported us in all the possible ways.

  16. Aditya Constructions offer flats at affordable prices

    Aditya Constructions offer flats at affordable prices at prime locations. It is one of the very few construction companies that offer Pre EMI Schemes. We appreciate the commitment shown by the company in paying the Pre EMI. Good Luck Aditya Construction Company.

  17. Beautifully designed and developed

    The location of Aditya Imperial Heights is Beautiful. It is well connected and CRM department is very friendly. It is beautifully designed and developed. I am happy with progress of the Project.

  18. Thank you Aditya,Quality of work is very good.

    It is very Nice to have an apartment in Aditya Imperial Heights. Looking forward to move in to our house and live happily ever after. Thank you Aditya.

  19. Many Thanks to Aditya Construction Company for our Dream House

    We are very happy in registering our Dream House constructed by Aditya Construction Company. We are happy with the quality of work company is providing and are eagerly waiting to enjoy our stay at our new house. Many Thanks to Aditya Construction Company for our Dream House.

  20. Amazing view from balcony

    Yesterday, I went for housewarming ceremony of my colleague. He bought a flat from Aditya construction company. There are still some interior works in pending but the quality of the community and the interiors such as flooring, wall painting and the quality of every feature provided by the builder was really shocking and surprising. I have never seen builder providing all those interior specifications. Then, I thought it might be very costly than other communities but one more shock is the price is nominal to market price.

    The best thing I could share is the view from the balcony. The greenery and amenities are planned perfectly and the urban landscape view of the city was mind blowing. I felt very happy for him to own such an extraordinary home. I recommend this builder if you are planning to buy a home.

  21. Fortunate to have property developed by Aditya

    Frankly speaking, I did not know anything about this developer and hardly heard of this company Aditya constructions because I was a Kid. Who will bother of companies and constructions being in childhood? But I always knew there is something special in my home compared to my friend’s home. They used to love to come to my home and spend time but I never felt comfortable and happy at my friends place.

    When I grew up, I got to know that this is all the efficiency of a builder to create a proper home. Right from ventilation to greenery, interiors in living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, everything they provided are of superior quality and there is no look back in their maintenance. I realized that this lacked in some of my friends house. All these created a perfect ambience to live a happy life in my home.

    I feel fortunate to enjoy my childhood in the property created by Aditya constructions and will buy my dream home from the same to give even more better childhood to my kids.

  22. Best choice for a best home

    Yes, This Company is the best choice to own a best home. Best means a premium luxury home in a well maintained gated community with all superior amenities. I love to live here for lifetime as it has got everything I got and no time wasted in travelling in traffic because my home has a strategic location to reach best points of the city easily.

    Good work by this builder. I wish all the best for their upcoming projects.

  23. Perfect premium and luxury home

    Well, there is lot more to say, but it’s very much less to say in words. If you are planning to buy your new home, go and check with their cost, visit their site, compare with others in location, services, price and everything and take your decision,I also got to know that this builder have good land banks in Hyderabad, so I have decided to get my dream home from here. I recommend the same to you. My uncle already took one for him as of now.

  24. Descent and well maintained community

    I liked the honesty of the builder and the quality they are maintaining for construction and their consideration towards environment sustainability. I immediately blocked one flat for me in Aditya Imperial heights and now I feel happy for my decision on that day.

  25. Thanks to my dad for an amazing life time gift

    I recommend projects of Aditya and especially capitol heights to live life completely.

  26. Good Builders in Hyderabad

    Construction Quality and Elevation are very good

  27. Happy with the quality of construction

    I am really happy with the quality of construction as well as other amenities provided,I would like to go for another property with them and trust them for delivery of the Property with utmost care.

  28. A lifetime gift for my Grandmother

    Nothing can keep me happier than my grandmother’s smile. She is the one who took my responsibility and made me stand as a well respected human being in the society. She had a dream of owning a home in which celebrities live. What would any one desire who come from their generation. All they want is some food, clothes and proper shelter.

    Finally I saw that satisfaction in her after so many years which brought tears in my eyes without my knowledge. In this age, I wanted everything to be at her door step. Fortunately I got a lucky flat by choosing one in Aditya projects.

    She has got everything she needs and also she desires to have within the compound. A leisure room, library, recreational space, most important health care centre and many more are there which keep her healthy and occupied.

    Staying here is also advantageous for me by sharing a huge neighborhood with like minded people. She is not feeling isolated which was a big problem for me earlier. The only word she says looking into my easy is a Thank you. In fact I should thank for bringing me to this position. This is all because of the affordability they provide without any compromise in quality. Thanks you Aditya group for designing the dreams of people from all walks.

  29. Thanks to my employee

    Taking suggestions from employees is never a bad idea. This will help company to develop in various ways. But not only for my company, I also asked them to suggest for my personal help too. I believe that everyone would not know everything. Similarly, I don’t know much about real estate and where to invest for better returns.

    One of my employees recently bought a home from Aditya housing developers. Although the units were fast filling he was successful holding one unit for my investment. Good construction is always proportional to good returns.

    I have got so many residential buildings which I gave for rent but some structures won’t attract good rents. The one which I bought from Aditya shocked me out of surprise. Within very few days, It has got almost 200% ROI value and fancy rental returns due to the premium and luxury amenities to the residents staying here. My daughter felt very excited to stay there and she didn’t let me to give it for rent. She enjoys a serene and peaceful life over there and thanks me at least once a day.

    Frankly, they offer amenities which I have got in my individual Villa. I think it’s time to thank my employee for the most valuable suggestion. Now I would suggest only one name to anyone who is planning a home either a dream home or a second home, i.e. Aditya Housing.

  30. Thanks to Aditya Constructions Hyderabad for Good Quality Construction

    We own Villa in Aditya Empress Park at Shaikpet. Prime location and it is very close to my workplace. Quality of the constructions is Excellent and happy
    to own this Villa.

  31. Quality is excellent

    The most important aspect of this project is Prime location and these are of Luxurious Gated Community. Quality is excellent. We made the right decision by buying a 3 BHK Flat in Aditya Imperial Heights. The value of my Flat has appreciated.

  32. Best flats to invest

    My 3BHK Flat at Aditya Greenfields is located at Kondapur. The quality and other amenities are good. Decent location.

  33. Excellent location

    We bought a Flat in Aditya Hill Top Residency and it is located at Nandagiri Hills. The Location is lovely and excellent. We are happy and satisfied.

  34. Good Location

    We have bought a Flat in Aditya Monarch Apartment in Kondapur. Good facilities and also very spacious. Mainly the Construction quality and location is good.

  35. Luxury Flats

    We have taken Flat in Aditya Hill Paradise at Nandagiri Hills, Hyderabad. We have chosen Flat here because of excellent Location. Overall good to own a Flat here.

  36. Aesthetics are excellent

    We have bought a Villa in Aditya Empress Park.The Construction quality is very good and we are happy to own this Villa. The Location is excellent. Shaikpet, Jubilee HIlls and it has all amenities like Air Condition Gym, Swimming Pool, Community Hall

  37. Good location and close to my workplace

    We have bought a Flat in Aditya Imperial Heights located at Hafeezpet. We have chosen this Flat reason being the prime location and is my office is close and all it take just 12 minutes drive. Overall Satisfied with the facilities provided by Aditya Construction company Hyderabad.

  38. Awesome Amenities

    We have bought 3 BHK Flat at Aditya Silicon Heights Gachibowli in Tellapur. The highlight of this project is Roof Top Swimming Pool and also we have other facilities like Gym, Two Level Parking system, TAble tennis etc. I am happy to own this Flat.

  39. Facilities are Amazing

    My 3BHK Flat is Located on Kondapur – Gachibowli Main Road. The project name is Aditya Heights. The Location of all Aditya projects are well located in Prime Location and this Aditya Height is also one among them. This project has all
    facilities like Swimming Pool, Table Tennis Room, AC GYm and excellent parking system.

  40. Thanks to Aditya Constructions

    I have bought 4 BHK Flat in Aditya Windsor at Kondapur. The built-up area is 4790 SFT. Aditya Constructions company Hyderabad, has provided good facilities like Central Garden, A/C Gym. Good facilities

  41. Good Elevation,Nice Environment

    We bought a 4-BHK Flat in Aditya Windsor located at Kondapur. The amenities they have provided are good. Central Garden, landscaping, Meditation & Yoga Room.

  42. impressed with the location

    We bought 2 BHK three flats in Aditya Imperial Heights. We are impressed with the location that is located at Hafeezpet and which is just 4 kilometers from our workplace. Furthermore, it has excellent amenities like Swimming Pool and Clubhouse to mention a few.

  43. Constrution Quality is Great

    Constrution Quality is Great and so is the Property. Pre-EMI payments were made timely

  44. Quality of the Project is very good.

    Quality of the Project is very good.

  45. Aditya Empress Towers is a dream Project for me

    Aditya Empress Towers is a dream Project for me as the elevation is extremely good and it has been well planned. CRM Team helped us a lot and it is an asset to the organization

  46. CRM Team and Sales Team helped me a lot in owning a flat

    CRM Team and Sales Team helped me a lot in owning a flat in Aditya Empress Towers. I am prowd to own a flat in Aditya Empress Towers. I thank the Team a lot for their help in all matters

  47. We are very happy with what we got for the price we paid

    We are very happy with what we got for the price we paid. It is Good Value for Money and we got a good deal with the Pre-EMI Scheme

  48. Thanks Team Aditya.

    Today is a very happy and pleasant day for us for two reasons: 1. Ramzan Friday Celebration 2. Registration of 2 Flats in Aditya Empress Towers. We are thankful to the entire management for the wonderful project and our dream home. Thanks Team Aditya.

  49. I am happy with the Construction

    I am happy with the Construction and the way flats are looking right now

  50. The Construction Quality is good

    It has been a pleasure to be a part of Aditya Family

  51. Construction is Good

    Construction is Good

  52. Good Elevation and Location

    The Project has several features such as Good Elevation and Location. It was built with Good Quality Materials. The Pricing is very good and offers such as PreEMI are very helpful

  53. The Construction is excellent

    The Construction is excellent and there is no compromise in quality. I am glad to purchase a flat in Aditya Imperial Heights Hafeezpet. I wish all the very best in the future

  54. Thanks to Aditya

    Thanks to Aditya for providing Good Home with Beautiful Elevation. I thank CRM Team for their excellent help

  55. Nice Constructions

    Location is Good. Elevations are Good.

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